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Personal information and online donation guidelines.

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Thank you for supporting our Church! In hopes of protecting your personal interests and adhering to the “Personal Information Protection Act”, please read the following in detail; By filling in any donation-related information on our online donation platform or engaging in online donations in any way, you are assumed to have read, understood and agree to Bread of Life Church Taipei collecting, handling and using your personal information in the following boundaries:

1. For completing the transaction, the donor using the facilities on this site assures the validity of the information provided.

2. Apart from using transaction safeguards, we assume the duty of confidentiality for the information provided by the donor; information of the donor will not be given to any other third party unless it is for transaction verification or taxation purposes. Information collected via online donation includes:

 a. Personal Identification: e.g. name, address, phone number and email etc.

 b. Financial identification: e.g. credit card number or bank details.

 c. Governmental identification: Identity card number, Visa number or passport number etc.

3. Donors should diligently protect their personal information, payment details and account passwords from others. Any actions taken by the user who successfully logged into this website shall be taken as actions of the true account holder.

4. Upon donating via this website, the donation is perceived as being undertaken in free will and obeying the Church’s regulations for donation. Person undertaking online donations agrees to regard the electronic transaction details according to the website’s record as true. If any anomalies are discovered, the Church’s finance department should be notified ASAP.

5. Under the following listed circumstances, this site reserves the right to provide personal information to related organizations or third parties with sufficient evidence claiming that their rights are violated:

a. In compliance to legal regulations or by order of a judiciary or other authorities;
b. Executing these terms or when donor violates any of these terms;
c. For protecting or ensuring this site’s functionality and safety;
d. For protecting this site, other donors or other third party’s legal rights.
If you have any other queries, please contact us on(02)2362-3022

Or email us on finance@breadoflife.taipei,We will endeavor for a solution and reply in the quickest manner possible.

We cordially thank you for your support to the Church in donations, May peace and happiness be ever with you!

From Taipei Bread of Life.




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